Yudelak Alondie

Yudelak Alondie joined Public Radio Seattle in October 2015.

“As an immigrant myself, hearing the dangerous and violent rhetoric toward immigrants from Donald Trump caused me to take action to do my part” said Alondie. “I knew that Public Radio Seattle was a place where I could voice my activism and fight for the rights of immigrants not just in King County but nationwide”.

Yudelak started as a fill in host for various time slots, until Public Radio Seattle created Midnight Blue in January 2016, a progressive overnight program. Station President Frank Matthews-Lester wasted no time offering a hosting role to Alondie. “He was a perfect fit. His wit, wisdom, and intellect made this an easy choice” said Matthews-Lester. Alondie hosted his first Midnight Blue program with Jake R. Weintraub on Monday, February 1 2016, the night of the Iowa Caucuses and has been going strong ever since.

Yudelak was born in Belgium and has also lived in Germany. He moved to the United States with his parents when he was 16, and then attended the University of Oregon. After graduation he moved to Seattle to work at Amazon, where he still works as a diversity officer.

“Living in Europe, I saw first hand how progressive politics, welcoming immigration policies and generous benefits were able to benefit many. And it is my mission to make sure that one day, America can experience the same.” said Alondie. “The overnight slot is interesting because of the demographics. The only people up that late are people who have to be, like truck drivers. But we hope to connect with people up late or getting up early for whatever reason.”

When he is not at Amazon or hosting Midnight Blue, Yudelak likes to spend his time writing. “I want to release a book one day”, says Alondie.