Waldo Graham Schwake-Eulenberg

Upon arriving in Seattle in 2012 and taking a hosting spot opposite Roaro Kleibenschnott on “The Professors Are In”, Waldo Graham Schwake-Eulenberg has been referred to simply as “The Dean” not just around the Public Radio Seattle studios, but also Seattle in general.

That’s the type of respect Schwake-Eulenberg commands in the area. After decades of being an academic professor at various universities, he decided to retire to the Puget Sound in 2011. However, he found that retired life wasn’t for him and was itching to do something productive. Not wanting to return to academia, he called up his friend Roaro Kleibenschnott for advice. Kleibenschnott knew that former The Professors Are In co-host Wolfgang Lammerkugel was about to retire and he was preparing to help fill that void. After thinking it over for about 3 seconds, Kleibenschnott offered the position to Schwake-Eulenberg.

“Waldo Graham Schwake-Eulenberg has been a colleague of mine and a friend for decades, when I found out he retired and was in King County, it was merely a formality. I couldn’t have asked for a better candidate. Waldo brings a knowledgable, intellectual passion to progressive politics that only he can.” said Kleibenschnott.

Schwake-Eulenberg has been a mainstay on Public Radio Seattle ever since, instantly becoming a fan favorite and garnering a dedicated, loyal audience. “I still feel like I am educating, only behind a microphone instead of in a classroom. We live in a time where there are a lot of ignorant, uneducated, uninformed citizens out there who are making the wrong political decisions and I feel responsible to help guide them in the proper direction.” said Schwake-Eulenberg.

Schwake-Eulenberg was a professor of Sociology at many institutions over the years, including University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, and most recently, Texas Christian University where he spent a majority of his tenure. He retired to King County after his career in academia “because of the scenery, the progressive politics, the people, the culture, and the activism.”

Schwake-Eulenberg lives on Mercer Island with his wife Kathy. He has 3 sons and many grandchildren.