Seth Travis Schweizenitz

Seth Travis Schweizenitz joined the Public Radio Seattle team in 2006 to co-host Cafe Progress Weekend with Blake Geoffrey Pottsworth. Schweizenitz’s intellect and passion behind the microphone made him a popular figure in King County, and he got promoted to co-host Cafe Progress Weekday with Lethuel Kirkegard in 2013 where he can be heard 5 days a week from 5am to 8am on Public Radio Seattle.

Seth Travis Schweizenitz made the jump from having a college radio program focused on progressive politics and activism at Seattle University straight to Public Radio Seattle upon graduation. He has his degree in broadcast journalism and feels right at home with Public Radio Seattle.

“Dream come true.” stated Schweizenitz, “I grew up listening to Public Radio Seattle with my parents every day. There is no place I would rather be.”

Seth Travis Schweizenitz thanks his parents for raising him in an no holds barred progressive household. His grandparents were holocaust surviors and he lost many blood relatives in the holocaust and in other events of jewish persecution. The survivors of his family tree all are strong progressive social activists who vow to fight for the rights of the unfortunate and disadvantaged in society. From the day Schweizenitz was born, he was raised as a dyed in the wool progressive. “I know nothing else” said Schweizenitz, “Progressivism is in my blood, and it defines who I am as a person.”

Schweizenitz lives in Capitol Hill in an open marriage with his wife Beth, his son Al(named after Al Franken) and his daughter Kshama(named after Kshama Sawant). “My open marriage is the only evidence you need that all conservatives, Republicans, alt-right idiots, etc. are full of hate and anger toward anyone who doesn’t conform to their backward worldview. They hate it and call me names and try to make fun of me. But my open marriage has been great. The only reason these backwoods inbreds hate it is because they are jealous of all the action Beth and I are getting, while still being able to return home to each other’s loving arms every day.”