Seanathan Abernathy

Seanathan Abernathy is no stranger to progressive politics. While a student at Idaho State University, he had to combat the backward ideals held by the LDS majority student population. His solution? Have a progressive, atheist centric radio program at the student run radio station. It took two years and a lot of hard work, favor doing, and begging to get the station manager to give Abernathy a chance, but he finally was able to get his hour long program going his junior year in Pocatello.

“With most of the students at Idaho State being LDS and right wing, I felt it was important to broadcast another point of view not just to the students but to the people of Pocatello and Southeastern Idaho as well”. His program at Idaho State, “Bringing Enriching News & Gab Atheistically & Liberally”, which was an acronym of BENGAL(the school mascot), was a huge success, and he continued his program until he graduted with a degree in humanities. After graduation, Abernathy immediately moved to Seattle “To get away from the backward politics, religion, and toxic mindset found in Southeastern Idaho” and took a job with a local non profit group. It was working with this non profit where Abernathy met Frank Matthews-Lester, and immediately upon hearing that Abernathy had his own successful progressive talk show at Idaho State, Matthews-Lester offered Abernathy a spot at Public Radio Seattle.

“I was at the right place at the right time” said Abernathy. While his first priority is his non profit, he enjoys being able to speak directly to Seattle 5 days a week, Monday-Friday from 8am to 10am with his program Mind Over Chatter. “My program, while progressively and liberally focused, is defined by the level of intellect and deep thinking I try to convey to my audience, rather than just mindless chatter you hear on other talk radio formats”.

While he is not working or broadcasting, Abernathy enjoys to go to the orchestra, sample food at local vegan-friendly restaurants and participate in local political activism.