Roaro Kleibenschnott

Roaro Kleibenschnott was the first employee hired by Frank Matthews-Lester in 1995, and has been Matthews-Lester’s right hand man ever since.

“He is the definition of loyal and has been with us since the beginning. He recognized our vision as important enough to stick with Public Radio Seattle from Day 1, and endure through the beginning when we were still attempting to break through.” said Matthews-Lester.

Kleibenschnott has a long history of activism and involvement long before 1995 when he begin his tenure with Public Radio Seattle. A political science professor at the University of Washington for 15 years, as well as being involved in several Seattle area progressive and activist groups, he is no stranger to the area. At 67 years old, Kleibenschnott is still going strong and has no plans to retire any time soon. “I will continue to not only sit behind this microphone, but also get out there and fight for what I believe in until the day I drop dead.” said Kleibenschnott.

Roaro Kleibenschnott has teamed up with various former professors, most recently Waldo Graham Schwake-Eulenberg, for Public Radio Seattle’s flagship program, the afternoon drive “The Professors Are In”. This program features two professors discussing various political topics of the day from an intellectual standpoint. “The Professors Are In is a different type of talk program. Instead of just rambling on with emotion, we carefully plan out each segment with logic, ration and rationality. We also carefully screen out callers to make sure any phone in guest is in alignment with the style of our program.”

Before Public Radio Seattle, Kleibenschnott taught political science at University of Washington for 15 years, and at Eastern Washington University before that. He graduated from University of San Francisco in 1973 with a degree in political science, and is from the Bay Area, which he still visits every year.