Programming Schedule

Monday – Friday

5a – 8a: Cafe Progress with Seth Travis Schweizenitz and Lethuel Kirkegard

8a – 10a: Mind Over Chatter with Seanathan Abernathy

10a – 12p: Atheism Unleashed with Grover R. Knoten

12p – 2p: I’m With Xir with Amalonda Fillimare

2p – 4p: LGBTQIA+ Radio with Travis Lester Sadczek

4p – 6p: The Professors Are In with Waldo Graham Schwake-Eulenberg and Roaro Kleibenschnott

6p – 8p: Leftward Ho! With Connor Jonathan Kitchens

8p – 10p: Sledgehammering the Right with Lonald Weiler-Sledge

10p – 12a: L4: Left, Liberal, Lesbian & Loud with Agnes C. Branscombe

12a – 5a: Midnight Blue with Yudelak Alondie, Jonathan Elwood-Sethson and Jake R. Weintraub


6a-10a: Cafe Progress Weekend with Blake Geoffrey Potsworth and Hiroshi Wessels

10a-1p: Cotswold McNamee Is Fed Up

1p-4p: The Rennis Rinke Experience

4p-8p: She-Man Right Wing Hater’s Club with Jesse Wamsutter

8p-12a: Radio Trans Mission with Sojourner Chloe Xiu

12a-5a: Midnight Blue Weekend with Isaac Engleberg and Walter Usiak