Jonathan Elwood-Sethson

Jonathan Elwood-Sethson’s journey to being a co-host of a Public Radio Seattle program has been interesting, to say the least.

A 15 year veteran of talk radio on the conservative side, Elwood-Sethson said his transformation from a hard line conservative to an unapologetic progressive was a gradual one.

“It was like a slow drip” remarked Elwood-Sethson, “You have a set of beliefs that have been held for years, and then you come across one minor issue that causes you to take a step back and look at critically. You decide that you can’t be 100% pure, so you accept the fact that you are on the other side of the aisle on that issue. The thing for me is that I kept having to re-examine issues more and more frequently. It became so frequent that I had to completely withdraw, take a break, and start over with my belief system with a clear slate. After wiping it clean, I realized that I have been wrong all these years and progressivism was the only logical way to approach life.”

Elwood-Sethson quit his job as a conservative talk commentator and began to look around for a station that would welcome his progressive voice.

“I could have just flipped my views on my current program, but I don’t think that would have gone over well. Best to just cut ties and start fresh somewhere else.” said Elwood-Sethson.

It took a while for him to find his break. “The fact of the matter is that conservatives dominate radio, so it was hard to find a station willing to take a chance on me. Fortunately I knew someone who knew someone who put me in touch with Frank [Matthews-Lester], and that was the domino that set it all in motion.”

Elwood-Sethson is thrilled to be co-hosting Midnight Blue, an overnight talk program on Public Radio Seattle. “It’s a different timeslot, but I like it because it is a great way to recap the previous day, as well as set the tone for the upcoming day”.

Elwood-Sethson married his wife Melissa Sethson in Spring of 2016, and hyphenated his last name. “As a progressive, I feel I should lead by example when it comes to equality issues, and I believe hyphenating my last name to share my wife’s last name was a good step in that direction.” said Elwood-Sethson. The two are expecting their first child in Fall of 2017, and enjoy hiking, Seattle’s World Class Dining, and going to the 5th Avenue Theatre.