Jesse Wamsutter

Jesse Wamsutter joined Public Radio Seattle in June of 2015 and has quickly risen in popularity and respect amongst the Seattle Progressive Community.

Wamsutter, who identifies as gender fluid(pronouns they/them/their), brings a unique perspective to the airwaves with their knowledge on issues that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

“I consider myself binary, in that somedays, I identify as a boy, and somedays, I identify as a girl. I only identify as either male or female depending on the day, mood, and other factors. That is what differentiates me from non-binary, as non-binary individuals consider themselves neither male nor female. Depending on what I am identifying as that day, I will use male or female pronouns, but for people refering to me in general, I prefer they/their/them.” said Wamsutter.

Wamsutter’s weekend program, “She-Man Right Wing Hater’s Club”, has quickly earned the ears of many in King County and beyond with their sharp wit and unique perspectives. “I don’t buy into gender stereotypes, but I will say this. I can attack the right wing with the brute force coming from a man, and humiliate them with a woman’s sharp wit, all in the same show.” Since the program debuted in 2015, Wamsutter has taken on the right and bigots holding no punches.

Wamsutter graduated from Skyline High School in Bellevue and went to Edmonds Community College where they earned their associate’s degree. Instead of going to finish up at a 4 year institution, Wamsutter instead took a break to “just relax, travel the world a bit, see things, and enjoy life.” During this break, Wamsutter got heavily involved in the fight against the ongoing harrassment campaign better known as GamerGate, becoming one of the leading voices against the hate movement. Eventually Wamsutter started a podcast on the subject, which quickly gained a lot of steam and popularity, which led to them being discovered by Public Radio Seattle. Vice President of Programming Grover R. Knoten knew that Wamsutter was a voice that Public Radio Seattle could use. “GamerGate at the time was a big issue in the progressive community and I felt that Jesse’s voice would be a home run for us.”

Wamsutter expanded their horizon to talk about issues other than GamerGate, and their program covers a wide range of progressive issues and causes.