Jake R. Weintraub

Jake R. Weintraub joined Public Radio Seattle in 2004 as an LGBT Issues contributor, and quickly gained the respect of listeners in King County. Due to his overwhelming popularity as a contributor and guest, he was granted his own host slot and program with LGBT Radio in 2009. The show eventually evolved its title to LGBTQIA+ Radio, and Weintraub left the program in 2013 for Public Radio Seattle’s Midnight Blue.

“I was very fortunate for the opportunity to host my own show focused on the LGBTQIA+ community for 4 years. But I felt like Midnight Blue’s hours allowed me more time to spend with my 3 adopted children.”

Travis Lester Sadczek took over for Weintraub on LGBTQIA+ Radio, a replacement who received the full throated endorsement of Weintraub. In 2012, Weintraub and his husband Ferguson Loomis adopted 3 young children from Syria – Ellen(born female, named after Ellen Degeneres), Neil(born male, named after Neil Patrick Harris) and David(born male, named after David Hyde Pierce). “They are all still young and we are raising them gender neutral and allowing them to choose their own path. Something that they would not be able to do had they grown up in Syria. That is what is great about this country and state – we allow our children to be who they want to be instead of forcing them into narrow gender roles and sexual preferences.”

Weintraub was fortunate to grow up in a family that supported his decision to identify as gay. “My family never hesitated for a second to embrace me and love me for who I was and have been supportive from the day I came out.” said Weintraub. He had his first boyfriend at age 14 and went through all the drama and trials and ups and downs that hetero couples his age went through. He met his future husband Ferguson at a Capitol Hill bar in 2008 and the two hit it off and were legally married in Iowa later that year.

Weintraub has long been a champion for LGBT issues, and while he still fights tooth and nail for the rights of gays and lesbians, he has shifted his focus to other oppressed groups like transgender individuals. “For the most part we have won the battle when it comes to gay and lesbian individuals. But our allies, the transgender individuals, need our help more than ever, and I feel my resources are best spent there.”

You can hear Jake R. Weintraub overnights on Midnight Blue on Public Radio Seattle.