Isaac Engleberg

Isaac Engleberg is the newest member of the Public Radio Seattle team and couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the organization.

Engleberg joined the team in April 2017 to replace outgoing(and dearly missed) Chester Allsup as the co-host of Midnight Blue Weekend with Walter Usiak. Engelberg, who graduated from our very own University of Washington, has a lifelong resume of fighting for social and economic justice as well as fighting for the rights of our most vulnerable.

“My grandparents and great grandparents were all put into concentration camps during the holocaust, and my great grandmother perished. So I have a family history of persecution and oppression, and my family raised me to make sure I fight for the rights of all minorites to make sure we defend ourselves against any threat of persecution going forward” remarked Engleberg.

Engleberg credits his Jewish faith and ancestry to his devotion and passion for social justice. “I have 6 million reasons to fight for not just the rights of my own people, but all minorities and people of color worldwide. We can not let history repeat itself, so we must stand firm against all calls for oppression and misjustice”.

Engleberg graduated from University of Washington in 2015 with a degree in social work, and has worked as a social worker in King County since graduating. “It’s been great being able to assist so many in the community and do that for a living. Helping people is my passion.”

Even though he has been busy with his social work, he still needed a void to fill on his weekends, and it was meeting station Vice President of Programming Grover R. Knoten at a school supply drive in August 2016 that gave him the connections he needed to find his way into the Public Radio Seattle studios. “A lot of people will say they can grasp how strongly one feels about progress and justice from their voice, but I could see it in Isaac’s body language.” recalled Knoten. “Many people can talk about how fired up they are about social justice, but Isaac exemplified it via his facial expressions and he just radiated it.”

Engleberg currently lives in Capital Hill with his 2 cats Hillary and Michelle.