Hiroshi Wessels

Hiroshi Wessels joined Public Radio Seattle in 2016 and is excited to be contributing to the progressive political climate of King County. Along with Public Radio Seattle, Wessels works as a video game developer and also writes for his gaming blog, “Wessel Vessel”. During his time in the gaming industry, he became a leading voice against the hate movement known as GamerGate, which caught the attention of Public Radio Seattle President Frank Matthews-Lester. “GamerGate isn’t going away, and is a leading player in the political shapings of our younger generations. So I felt we needed another strong anti-GamerGate voice at Public Radio Seattle, and it didn’t take long for me to settle on Mr. Wessels.” said Matthews-Lester.

“I’ve always been passionate about gaming, but I felt that politics and gaming didn’t mix. That was until GamerGate, of course. Now I believe that Game Developers, Game Reviewers, Gaming Journalists and Bloggers, we all have a responsibility to use our industry as a leading voice against hate, as well as a leading voice to encourage the further progression of our planet.” said Wessels. Wessels currently co-hosts Cafe Progress Weekend, which still gives him time to be a game developer during the week.

Hiroshi Wessels, born Matthew Wessels, knew from a very young age that gaming would be his passion and his life. He lists his top 3 hobbies as “Gaming, gaming, and talking about gaming” ever since he was a child. “I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged me to game as much as I did instead of making me turn off the TV and go outside. They saw that it was something I could make a living out of.”

Wessels eventually became very enamored with video games, specifically Japanese RPG games and japanese gaming in general. This led to him discovering his other love, anime. He calls himself “The ultimate Japanophile”. “I love Japan, everything japanese. The culture, the gaming, the technology, the people. I love Japan so much that I legally changed my name to Hiroshi, and I plan to move to Japan one day to fulfill my dream of being a game developer in Japan and having a japanese wife.”

Until then, we are thrilled to have Hiroshi Wessels on board. He graduated from University of California-Berkley with a degree in computer science in 2014 and lives in Fremont with his dog Naruto.