Grover R. Knoten

A kingpin of King County politics, Grover R. Knoten was brought into the Public Radio Seattle family in 1998 at the height of the GOP led Monica Lewinsky witchunt. With nearly 20 years of service behind the Public Radio Seattle microphone, Knoten feels like he is just getting started.

“Lewinsky was nothing compared to what we are dealing with today, with the election of a facist president who is servant to the Kremlin” said Knoten, remarking about how he views his job more important now than ever.

Knoten was named Vice President of Programming in August 2006, and guided Public Radio Seattle through the democratic takeover of congress and Barack Obama’s election a couple years later. “Never have I been more proud, but I knew the real battle came after Obama won, not before.”

Through Knoten’s leadership, Public Radio Seattle evolved from a niche broadcasting service to a larger reaching entity with broader appeal. Locating new talent is amongst his duties, and he has discovered many of the voices you hear today on Public Radio Seattle. Virtual unknowns before getting behind the microphone, Knoten has a knack for identifying up and coming diamonds in the rough when it comes to progressive ideals. “I prefer to go to local activist groups, colleges, and outreach events to find people who are passionate about progressive causes and social activism. I believe the most passsionate voices come from the grassroots.”

Knoten graduated from Washington State University in 1982, where he worked in KING 5’s newsroom for 15 years before joining Public Radio Seattle. Knoten is still a KING 5 contributor to this day. He married his wife Belinda in 1986 and has 3 children, all of whom share his progressive ideals. “Watching my two oldest cast their vote for Barack Obama in 2008, while my youngest(unable to vote at the time) worked tirelessly for his campaign is definitely a highlight of my life.” He has a son and a daughter, twins, who are both on the staffs of congressional democrats, and another daughter who is finishing up her internship for a senatorial democrat. “I planted the progressive seeds into my children, and have been able to watch them reap the harvest.”

Along with his duties as VP of Programming, Knoten also hosts an atheism-focused, science-centric show Monday-Friday on Public Radio Seattle titled “Atheism Unleashed”. “Atheism is a huge part of my identity. There are too many Christian programs on the radio, we need a little atheism to balance that out. While I appreciate the atheist listeners, what I really want is Christian listeners to tune in and hear what I have to say, and maybe you will finally see what garbage Christianity is.”