Cotswold McNamee

Cotswold McNamee is fed up.

That is the name of his weekend program on Public Radio Seattle, which he claims is a perfect representation of how he feels about today’s political climate. “I am fed up” says McNamee, “I am fed up that progress has stalled, that regressive right wingers continue to gain influence, and that we have to continue to fight tooth and nail for equality and rights and social justice, issues that should be no brainers.”

McNamee grew up in King County and went to the University of Washington. He actually had no experience at all in radio or communications until one day he was sitting at a cafe with some friends and went on a long winded political rant about conservatives. Sitting in the same cafe at the time was Rennis Rinke, who heard McNamee’s passion filled rant about how conservatives were on a warpath about destruction. “It was the type of passion that Public Radio Seattle needed” remarked Rinke. “He was not only passionate, but coherent. And I was impressed at the quality of his off the cuff rant, and the way he was just able to construct his thoughts coherently and intelligently without any preparation.”

Rinke introduced himself to McNamee and McNamee was behind the microphone within the next couple of weeks. 6 years later, McNamee is still going strong with his weekend radio program. He still works as a software engineer during the week, but is thrilled to have a part time radio slot on the weekend. “I am thrilled that my voice gets heard. I meet people every day in the community that hear my program and remark about how right I am, and how powerful my words are.”