If you aren’t a rich, straight, white, cis, Christian American Born male, Republicans hate your guts.

For Republicans, you must meet 7 criteria in order for them to not hate you.

You must be:

  • Rich
  • Straight
  • White
  • Cis
  • Christian
  • Male
  • Born in America

Otherwise, Republicans hate your guts and despise you. They don’t just despise you. They don’t just hate you. They resent you with a deep rooted, seething, burning hatred that can not be quenched by any other means other than, at best, making your life as miserable as humanly possible, and, at worst, killing you. Republicans will stop at absolutely nothing to quench the hatred.

Here’s the catch. YOU MUST CHECK OFF ALL 7. If you don’t check off all 6, too damn bad. Republicans hate you. 5 of 7 won’t do. 6 of 7 won’t do.

Straight, White, Cis, Christian, American Born, Male, but not rich? Too damn bad. Republicans despise every inch of your being. Which is why I don’t get why the blue collar working class went for Trump and Republicans in 2016. When Trump and Republicans hate their ever loving guts for not being rich.

Rich, Straight, Cis, Christian, Male, American Born, but Hispanic? Uh oh. Republicans would love nothing more than to see you suffer.

Rich, Straight, Cis, Male, White, American Born, but Jewish? Republicans are disgusted by you.

Rich, Straight, White, Christian, Cis, American Born, but female? Republicans will not be satisfied until they see you in absolute misery.

I could go on and on.

In reality, Republicans would love nothing more than to see those who don’t check off all 7 boxes dead. However, they have to be realistic. They can’t just outright exterminate these people, so instead they pass legislation aimed at making them as miserable as possible in the short term, while slowly killing them in the long term.

I do not get why anyone who doesn’t check off all 7 boxes would ever vote for a Republican. You are basically voting for your own death warrant. Even if you check off all 7 boxes, I still don’t get it. Republicans have shown time and time again all they are capable of doing is running this country into the ground.

Fortunately, there are far more Americans who don’t check off all 7 boxes, than those who do. The “Non-7’s”, as I call them, need to all unite against Trump and the Republicans at the ballot box. We will easily overwhelm the alt-right and Trump supporters and take this country back.

Republican Bigot, who harassed a transwoman at a Denny’s, loses election for California House by a landslide

Jazmina Saavedra is your average cis white Republican bigot who despises the transgender community.

I used to think that, as a transwoman, Christians were my #1 enemy. I have now learned that Republicans are actually my #1 enemy. At least some Christians are democrats. But all Republicans are hate filled bigots. Not most. Not some. All Republicans. Republicans are enabling and endorsing hate and bigotry by associating yourself with the Republican Party. If you actually respect the LGBTQIA+ community and call yourself a Republican, fuck you. No one is worse than you. You are basically saying: “I am 100% for the LGBT community, but at the same time I back the political party who literally wants to, at best, make your life as miserable as possible, and at worst, kill you!”.

We can not trust Republicans, period. Whether you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, or an ally, Republicans, no matter who they are or what they say, can not be trusted with one inch. The fact of the matter is most Republicans want to destroy us. How they want to destroy us is what varies – some want to do it passively by stripping away all of our rights, making our lives miserable and making it open season on us for bigots to harass us and target us without fear of any kind of prosecution. Some want to do it actively by rounding us up and throwing us into extermination camps. Regardless of the approach, all Republicans want to destroy us in some form or fashion.

The fact this Republican bigot in California got destroyed in her election is encouraging. I applaud the voters of California’s 44th district for sending a message that hate won’t be tolerated. But what if this same candidate ran in the South? Chances are, with as racist, bigoted and mean spirited the trash in the Southern United States are, she would have won easily, as the voters there eat hate like that up. We can’t just rely on our ally blue states and blue districts to send the message. We need to defeat hate nation wide. Don’t get me wrong – I fucking despise the south – but I don’t despise the geography, I despise the people there. The people there are uneducated redneck trash who do nothing but spew hate and bigotry. Our only hope is for younger generations to take the lead and become the vocal and political majorities there. Younger generations that practice love and respect for all.

Even living in a blue city like Seattle, I still know there are bigots out there who would love nothing more than to harass me and make my life miserable. We still have active conservative Christian churches around the Puget Sound that terrify me. I get that they have their right to practice their religion, but what about MY RIGHT to feel safe from their hate? There has to be some kind of middle ground, to where people are still free to practice their religion, but are prosecuted if they try to push their beliefs on the rest of us. I wish for the day when there is no more religion, bigotry or hate in this world so we don’t have to work out such political compromises.

Public Radio Seattle Editorial: The Supreme Court gets it wrong. It’s time to get out there and VOTE.

Public Radio Seattle Editorial

We at Public Radio Seattle could not be more upset and aghast at the recent Supreme Court ruling that gives businesses the right to discriminate against LGBTQIA+ people on the grounds of “religious liberty”. This is a direct attack on the LGBTQIA+ community and we can not stand for this. By all means, discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community is now totally legal if you simply claim “religious liberty”.

The merits of “religious liberty” discrimination have been debated time and time again. There is no sense in rehashing and repeating those same arguments here yet again. We will leave it at this – once again it shows how regressive institutions like Christianity and organized religion continue to oppress people in the United States and prevent progress from occurring.

The only way we can fight organized religion and bigotry is to VOTE. Get out there and VOTE. Vote for candidates who will vow to take the fight to organized religion and not put up with their bullshit anymore. Vote for candidates who will vow to nominate/elect judges who will not kowtow to the desires of organized religion who will to push their hate, bigotry, and outdated fake ideology on the rest of us. Vote for candidates who will vow to punish bigots like the baker in Colorado. Vote for candidates who not just talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to full throated support of the LGBTQIA+ community and other minority/oppressed communities.

Donald Trump has made it OK to hate again in the United States. We can’t sit back and rely on Mueller, or congress, or anyone to take his ass out. The only way we can stop the hate and bigotry is to vote. Volunteer. Get involved. Organize. Do all you can. We can’t afford to sit back anymore as Trump and his idiotic supporters continue to destroy this country. We won’t have a country left to vote for if this continues. Act now. Not in an hour, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW.


Until private property is abolished, we will never truly progress as a society

Private property is ultimately the root of all evil in society and what truly holds progress back.

The first society to do away with private property ownership will be the first society to truly experience a progressive, post-modern society.

I already know what my critics are thinking. “THAT’S COMMUNISM!”. Not necessarily. While communism does away with the state and private ownership of resources, let me explain to you how exactly my idea of a society that does away with private property ownership is different from communism.

It would start by deploying thousands of workers, similar to how census employees are structured, employed by regional government offices that would create a master inventory of all resources, possessions and objects in this country. Homes, vehicles, electronics, appliances, you name it, would be subject to inventory. This would be done in conjunction with a census so at the same time the regional government offices would know the makeup of the populace. Anyone caught hiding their possessions from the inventory would be subject to prosecution.

From there the government would assume ownership of all the possessions recorded in the inventory. It would then divide up the possessions based on the census data to ensure every American and family has what they need. Food, water, and clothing would then be harvested, manufactured and distributed by local government distribution centers, similar to grocery stores. The difference being you wouldn’t have to pay, but the government workers would do the shopping for you based on your families needs, diet preferences, and style preferences.

Doing this would be beneficial in many ways. First, it would solve the problem of income inequality. Income inequality is rooted in the desire to acquire as much wealth and possessions as possible. If the government instead was in charge of possession acquisition, people would become less greedy and more on board with the greater good of their community instead of themselves. Second, it would ensure every American has what they need. Too many Americans go hungry, or without clean water, or without enough clothing, or without a roof over their head. With the government in charge, they would ensure every American has their needs met, not just barebones minimum needs, but more than adequate. Non-necessities and luxuries would also be fairly and evenly distributed, which works far better than the current system of the wealthiest getting the best quality goods.

Greed, income inequality, poverty and malnourishment kill societies. My plan of doing without private property ownership would ensure all 4 of those negative qualities of societies would no longer exist. It would solve many problems. The only people who would have a problem with such a plan would be the ultra rich. The thing is, the ultra rich would still be very very well off under this plan, with the difference being they would no longer be allowed to hoard everything for themselves. This plan would be for the greater good of everyone instead of our current system which only cares about the well being of the richest.

You want an impeachable offense for Trump? Here are three.

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s enshrined in our founding documents.

We keep hearing from the right as well as coward democrats that Trump hasn’t committed any impeachable offenses yet. They are full of it because frankly it’s not too difficult to find impeachable offenses that all parties can get behind. If congress had any backbone whatsoever, they would have impeached months ago and this national nightmare would be over. Instead, they ignore the impeachable offenses and continue to enable the worst president in American History(who would have thought this would be a sentence written on this blog 10 years ago during the last year of Bush?).


Trump has shown absolutely no respect for human life during his time in office. Since being sworn in, he has repeatedly tried to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Life is a guaranteed right for Americans, and with Trump trying to take away and destroy people’s health care, he is trying to take that right away. He also continues to worship the NRA and do absolutely nothing about children being slaughtered and mowed down like blades of grass in class rooms as well as Americans being gunned down at places like concerts. We have had mass shooting after mass shooting under Trump, and his response every time is to double/triple down on his support for gun ownership and the NRA. I guess even more blood has to be shed at the hands of guns and gun owners until anything is done about it. These are two examples that Trump doesn’t care at all about the lives of Americans.


Trump has also shown absolutely no respect for liberty during his time in office. The freedom of the press is one of our most sacred, enshrined rights here in America. Yet time and time again, Trump uses his various platforms to viciously attack the press in this country. This is something a genocidal fascist dictator would do(not saying Trump isn’t one). Every time a media outlet or figure dares tell the truth about Trump, out come the attack dogs unleashed via Trump. The press in this country has done nothing to deserve that but still get treated like garbage by Trump and his administration. Freedom of religion is also a cornerstone right in terms of liberty, and Trump has shown no respect for that either. Look at how he has treated Muslims, even before winning stealing the election. Since being sworn in, its been a non stop assault on the basic rights of Muslims, making them feel unwelcomed in this country with unconstitutional, racist policies like the travel ban. Two examples on how Trump doesn’t care at all about the liberty of Americans.


Lastly, Trump has shown absolutely no respect for people’s pursuit of happiness, and has done everything in his power instead to make their lives miserable. We have migrants from other countries here who have to live in constant fear because of Trump’s absolute hatred and disdain for people who weren’t born here. Strengthening ICE and border security and ordering mass deportations is the antithesis of the pursuit of happiness. People come here in pursuit of freedom, a better life, and happiness, and all Trump wants to do is build a wall to keep them out and then kick out everyone who is already here. Throw in Trump’s outright seething, burning hatred for anyone who isn’t a straight, rich, white, Christian, American Born male, and you have more people living lives of misery instead of happiness. Trump has ordered outright assaults and attacks on LGBTQIA+ individuals, minorities, the poor, women, and non-Christians that get cheerleaded by his rabid base of supporters. It’s kind of hard to pursue happiness when the leader of your country hates you simply because of who you are or how you were born, and his army of crazy supporters are right there to back him up and enforce the hate.

There you go. You want impeachable offenses? I just laid out 3 types of impeachable offenses Trump has committed. The sad part is that is just the tip of the iceberg. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to sit here and type up every single impeachable offense he has committed. My point is that Trump has committed dozens and dozens of impeachable offenses and the fact nothing has been done shows that congress are a bunch of spineless cowards that are enabling Trump’s destruction of this country with their inaction. Maybe we need to clean house and vote them all out in November and put butts in the seats of congress who will actually do something about it.

What the hell are you waiting on, Mueller?

I get it.

Mueller and his team need time to put together all the evidence to build an airtight, open and shut, bulletproof case against Trump and his minions.

I get it.

Mueller and his team need to pay attention to detail to make sure all their bases are covered in their case against Trump and his minions.

I get it.

But let’s be honest. How much more evidence does Mueller need? Even us, the general public, have mountains upon mountains of smoking gun evidence proving Trump and his administration were guilty of working directly with Russia to hack the election and steal the presidency. The evidence is clear as day and irrefutable. And that is just evidence that we the people have. That isn’t even counting the avalanche of evidence Mueller and his team have, as well as congress.

So what the hell are we waiting for? Mueller, drop the hammer, and congress, impeach his ass.

While I understand the need to be thorough and build an airtight, bulletproof case, we don’t have time for that. Every day that Trump continues to occupy the White House is a day where more terrible legislation is passed, a day where more beneficial legislation is not enacted, a day where racism, hatred and bigotry continue to be normalized, a day where we continue to embarrass ourselves to the world, a day where the climate and environment continues to be neglected, a day where Russia continues to gain leverage on us, a day where the rest of the world continues to pass us by, a day where the middle class and anyone not in the Top 1% continues to struggle.

We can not afford to let Trump spend another day in the White House. His administration must be cleared out, now.

Mueller, I like you. I commend you for the job you have done and the task you have at hand. I know the intricacies and attention to detail that is required for your duty. But do you not understand what is at stake here? Where is the sense of urgency? You already have more than enough smoking gun evidence you need to, at worst, send Trump and his lackeys away and behind bars for life, and at best, execute him for treason. What is the use of spending even more time on this?

Each day that passes by I become less and less confident that justice will be served. I become more and more worried that the special counsel has been compromised and will not deliver the much needed justice to Trump and his administration that needs to be dealt. Time and time again Trump has gotten away with crimes and misdeeds that no other citizen would get away with. We can’t rely on the media anymore either because they all have been compromised too. We can’t rely on congress because too many of them have pledged loyalty to Trump. Mueller may well be our last hope until November. And who is to say Russia, with the help of Trump and the treasonous framework already laid in 2016, won’t steal our 2018 elections as well? We can’t even rely on the mid term elections anymore.

In a just world, Trump would have been impeached and either imprisoned or executed months ago, because the evidence is overwhelming against him. We have too many cowards afraid to take on Trump. Where is the American Spirit? Our founders are spinning in their graves right now seeing Americans too afraid to take on an oppressive ruling force.

Please Mueller, act.

Roseanne’s firing highlights the utter hypocrisy of the right. Hate speech does not equal free speech.

Last Week:

The NFL is awesome! A private organization totally has the right to fire or punish their employees for their speech. Freedom of speech only applies to the government, not to who you work for! Go NFL!

This Week:


Absolutely ridiculous.

The right is trying to have their cake and eat it too. So which is it? Free speech good or free speech bad?

For a progressive, which side is right? Here is how I see it. Free speech good. Hate speech bad. Employers should be able to punish their employees for hate speech. Sportsball anthem kneeling isn’t hate speech. It’s peaceful free speech. What Roseanne said on Twitter is absolutely racist hate speech, and she deserved to get the axe.

Not only should employers be able to punish their employees for hate speech, but so should the government. We have come to a point in time in America to where it would do more harm than good to modify the first amendment to allow for the criminalization and prosecution of hate speech. Hate speech should have no place in a free society and should not be tolerated. When a government allows hate speech, the government is essentially enabling, sponsoring and celebrating hate speech.

As a non binary individual myself, I am subject to ridicule, mockery, and insults on a daily basis, even in a progressive city like Seattle. Hate speech causes me to feel unsafe and threatened, as well as drastically lower my self esteem. Fortunately I have a strong support system, but for others who don’t, the hate speech directed their way could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in terms of self harm or suicide. Therefore, hate speech is essentially a weapon being used and blood is on the hands of the hater if the target ends up committing self harm in any way. I have long championed for the criminalization of hate speech, but unfortunately a document written 230 years ago by a bunch of racist rich straight Christian white men prevent that from happening. The amendment process is in place, but not enough legislators have the courage to act. Any attempts to criminalize hate speech at the local level would be met with a swift strikedown by the courts. Therefore, all we can do is vote. VOTE! Vote for politicians who pledge to either scrap the constitution, or amend it to allow for the criminalization of hate speech.

As with many issues, Europe is showing us the way forward here. Many places in Europe do not have absolute free speech like we do here in the United States, and that is a good thing. Europe understands that not all speech should be tolerated, and have laid groundwork to prosecute citizens for speech they deem hateful or mean spirited. The alt right has rallied around racist bigot Islamophobe Tommy Robinson over the past few days, because the United Kingdom threw his ass in jail due to Islamophobia. Good on the United Kingdom for showing its people they will not tolerate any form of hate whatsoever. The United States now needs to take the baton.

The first amendment will still exist. You will still have the freedom to say what you want, as long as it is not filled with hate and malice. The only people who would possibly have a problem with that are people who have hate and malice in their hearts. If you are not a hateful person, you would not be affected in any way whatsoever. So why oppose such a measure?