Blake Geoffrey Pottsworth

Blake Geoffrey Pottsworth was the first weekend radio host for Public Radio Seattle and defines the weekend edition of the programming lineup.

Public Radio Seattle originally was simply part time Monday-Friday programming, but when station Presdient Frank Matthews-Lester felt like it was time to venture into the weekend realm, he went to Blake Geoffrey Pottsworth first. “A lot of stations in all media just put their C and D teams on their weekend programming and treat it all as throwaway. Not here. I wanted to launch our first weekend show on the back of a strong voice, and Blake Geoffery Pottsworth was the right man for the job.” said Matthews-Lester.

The rest was history, and Pottsworth began to host the weekend edition of Cafe Progress from 8am-12pm on Saturday/Sunday. It has since been moved to 6am-10am but the concept is still the same. “Weekend programming in politics is challenging because the news cycle is completely Monday-Friday focused. Saturday/Sunday programming creates challenges and demands as there is not a constant feed of new news/stories to help drive the conversation, instead, we have to create it.” said Pottsworth.

Pottsworth considers himself a “lifelong progressive and champion for social and economic justice”. He still remembers proudly pulling the lever for Walter Mondale in his first presidential election in 1984. He went to Portland State University and worked for a non-profit that specializes in championing women upon graduation. He still works for EWW today, Empowering Washington Women, a non profit feminist charity focused on women’s rights. “As a man, I understand the importance women play and how their rights and interests deserve the absolute highest priority. I have to put my male privilege aside in order to fight for what is truly important, and I believe that is women.”

He is married with 3 daughters – Susan, Margaret, and Rosa, all named after powerful women who fought for what was right in US History. He also has two dogs named Anita and Zoe, two women who have fought misogyny and sexism from right wing trolls in the GamerGate movement. “I feel like GamerGate really re-energized me and many others in terms of fighting for women.” said Pottsworth.