Welcome to the Trump Economy. Good luck!

The Trump Economy is here, and it’s bad news for everyone not in the Top 1% of the Top 1%.

While CEO pay soars to record highs, 51 million U.S. households are an unexpected $400 expense away from financial ruin.

CEOs admit they won’t invest tax cuts into higher wages for their workers.

As anyone with a brain could have predicted, the Trump economy exists to prop up the ultra wealthy at the expense of everyone else. While CEO pay rises so they can purchase their 21st home, 9th yacht or 7th private jet, the middle class is scraping by and having to scavenge and scrounge just to make it to the next day.

The middle class has never been worse off, which just makes it extremely shameful that they bought Trump’s lies hook, like and sinker. Trump ran his campaign on appealing to the rust belt middle class workers that he would be their ally, but instead he is using them to enact his economic agenda that makes them expendable in order to prop up the super rich even more. We tried to warn the middle class that this would happen, but they could not be reasoned with. Trump played them for fools.

While Russia was the main reason Trump stole the election from the far more superior, qualified candidate, the middle class also has to shoulder some of the blame as well for being so stupid to fall for Trump’s smoke & mirrors. Shame on you, middle class. Shame on you. This is why education matters. We hear all the time about how not everyone needs to go to college, how joining a trade is a worthy, viable career, and how college isn’t for everyone. Well, the middle class that helped elect Trump is a good argument against that. If they had been property educated, they would have been able to see right through Trump’s lies. Instead, the lack of education made them vulnerable to Trump, his lies, and his racism.

We must do a better job ensuring every American is thoroughly educated by any means necessary, which can be accomplished through universal, free education all the way through college. No American should have to miss out on a college education due to a lack of funds. Had universal college been in place, I guarantee these blue collar working class whites would have instead gone with the more qualified candidate.

Until then, we must drill it into the minds of these working class blue collar types that they were fooled by Trump and shame them into not making the same mistake going forward. Don’t sugarcoat it either. Give them a good scolding shame. They deserve it. They should not be able to get away with this. Once properly shamed, then we can get on the road of re-educating them to make better political decisions going forward.

Wolfgang Lammerkugel is a retired professor and former co-host of The Professors Are In, who enjoys emeritus status at Public Radio Seattle.