Republican Bigot, who harassed a transwoman at a Denny’s, loses election for California House by a landslide

Jazmina Saavedra is your average cis white Republican bigot who despises the transgender community.

I used to think that, as a transwoman, Christians were my #1 enemy. I have now learned that Republicans are actually my #1 enemy. At least some Christians are democrats. But all Republicans are hate filled bigots. Not most. Not some. All Republicans. Republicans are enabling and endorsing hate and bigotry by associating yourself with the Republican Party. If you actually respect the LGBTQIA+ community and call yourself a Republican, fuck you. No one is worse than you. You are basically saying: “I am 100% for the LGBT community, but at the same time I back the political party who literally wants to, at best, make your life as miserable as possible, and at worst, kill you!”.

We can not trust Republicans, period. Whether you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, or an ally, Republicans, no matter who they are or what they say, can not be trusted with one inch. The fact of the matter is most Republicans want to destroy us. How they want to destroy us is what varies – some want to do it passively by stripping away all of our rights, making our lives miserable and making it open season on us for bigots to harass us and target us without fear of any kind of prosecution. Some want to do it actively by rounding us up and throwing us into extermination camps. Regardless of the approach, all Republicans want to destroy us in some form or fashion.

The fact this Republican bigot in California got destroyed in her election is encouraging. I applaud the voters of California’s 44th district for sending a message that hate won’t be tolerated. But what if this same candidate ran in the South? Chances are, with as racist, bigoted and mean spirited the trash in the Southern United States are, she would have won easily, as the voters there eat hate like that up. We can’t just rely on our ally blue states and blue districts to send the message. We need to defeat hate nation wide. Don’t get me wrong – I fucking despise the south – but I don’t despise the geography, I despise the people there. The people there are uneducated redneck trash who do nothing but spew hate and bigotry. Our only hope is for younger generations to take the lead and become the vocal and political majorities there. Younger generations that practice love and respect for all.

Even living in a blue city like Seattle, I still know there are bigots out there who would love nothing more than to harass me and make my life miserable. We still have active conservative Christian churches around the Puget Sound that terrify me. I get that they have their right to practice their religion, but what about MY RIGHT to feel safe from their hate? There has to be some kind of middle ground, to where people are still free to practice their religion, but are prosecuted if they try to push their beliefs on the rest of us. I wish for the day when there is no more religion, bigotry or hate in this world so we don’t have to work out such political compromises.