Until private property is abolished, we will never truly progress as a society

Private property is ultimately the root of all evil in society and what truly holds progress back.

The first society to do away with private property ownership will be the first society to truly experience a progressive, post-modern society.

I already know what my critics are thinking. “THAT’S COMMUNISM!”. Not necessarily. While communism does away with the state and private ownership of resources, let me explain to you how exactly my idea of a society that does away with private property ownership is different from communism.

It would start by deploying thousands of workers, similar to how census employees are structured, employed by regional government offices that would create a master inventory of all resources, possessions and objects in this country. Homes, vehicles, electronics, appliances, you name it, would be subject to inventory. This would be done in conjunction with a census so at the same time the regional government offices would know the makeup of the populace. Anyone caught hiding their possessions from the inventory would be subject to prosecution.

From there the government would assume ownership of all the possessions recorded in the inventory. It would then divide up the possessions based on the census data to ensure every American and family has what they need. Food, water, and clothing would then be harvested, manufactured and distributed by local government distribution centers, similar to grocery stores. The difference being you wouldn’t have to pay, but the government workers would do the shopping for you based on your families needs, diet preferences, and style preferences.

Doing this would be beneficial in many ways. First, it would solve the problem of income inequality. Income inequality is rooted in the desire to acquire as much wealth and possessions as possible. If the government instead was in charge of possession acquisition, people would become less greedy and more on board with the greater good of their community instead of themselves. Second, it would ensure every American has what they need. Too many Americans go hungry, or without clean water, or without enough clothing, or without a roof over their head. With the government in charge, they would ensure every American has their needs met, not just barebones minimum needs, but more than adequate. Non-necessities and luxuries would also be fairly and evenly distributed, which works far better than the current system of the wealthiest getting the best quality goods.

Greed, income inequality, poverty and malnourishment kill societies. My plan of doing without private property ownership would ensure all 4 of those negative qualities of societies would no longer exist. It would solve many problems. The only people who would have a problem with such a plan would be the ultra rich. The thing is, the ultra rich would still be very very well off under this plan, with the difference being they would no longer be allowed to hoard everything for themselves. This plan would be for the greater good of everyone instead of our current system which only cares about the well being of the richest.