If Trump was spied on, GOOD.

There are times in human history when the book has to be thrown out and all the stops must be pulled. Trump’s campaign was one of them.

I don’t subscribe to the ludicrous conspiracy theory that Trump and his campaign were spied on. But if they happened to be, good. Trump was(and still is) way too dangerous of a candidate to have done things by the book. I don’t care if laws were broken, norms were broken or ethics were shattered. Trump is a different animal. Any means necessary were required to stop him at all costs. He was and still is that big of a threat to life as we know it.

I only wish more was done to stop him. I wish more was being done right now to stop his path of utter destruction he has done to this country, this economy, to foreign relations, to our image and upstanding in the world, to minorities, to women, to LGBT individuals, and more. The Trump administration has been nothing but a wrecking ball and has driven this country into the ground and then some. So if laws need to be broken, if rules need to be thrown out, if civility needs to be disobeyed, then please, do whatever it takes to get rid of Trump. In an ideal world, we would wait for Mueller to complete his investigation and hand out the inevitable indictments like Halloween Candy. But we can not wait any longer. Every day Trump remains in office is a day the economy continues to be broken into shambles. Every day Trump remains in office is a day minorities continue to be persecuted. Every day Trump remains in office is a day we continue to look like utter fools to the rest of the world.

Whatever it takes. Do it. Do it now.