Tune into Sledgehammering the Right with Lonald Weiler-Sledge tonight for Lonald’s ultimatum against Trump.

You do not want to miss tonight’s episode of Sledgehammering the Right with Lonald Weiler-Sledge, right here at 8pm on Public Radio Seattle. After two days of impeachment testimony, Weiler-Sledge has had enough. He is going to lay down the ultimate ultimatum against Trump and his cronies. This is a can’t miss episode.

Please Welcome Hunk Cheung to the Public Radio Seattle Family!

We are pleased to announce that Hunk Cheung is the newest member of the Public Radio Seattle Family!

Hunk(he/him/his) has made Seattle home for the past 5 years. Before that, Hunk lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where he was born and raised. Hunk moved to Seattle to “get away from the backwoods, backward, racist hicks that populate South Dakota and the Midwest in general”.

Hunk’s personal life story is one of bravery. Hunk was assigned female at birth, and grew up being raised female. Hunk was a two time all state basketball player in South Dakota, as well as a state champion discus thrower and softball player. He went onto play basketball at Black Hills State but left the team after meeting the woman of his dreams at a basketball camp. This woman, his current wife Barbara, encouraged Hunk to do what had been eating away at him for years – transition full time to male. Hunk made the transition and began living full time as a male in 2013. However, with a transition meant being judged, mocked and ridiculed in deep red South Dakota, so Hunk and Barbara packed their bags and moved to Seattle without any jobs lined up.

“We knew we had to get far, far away from the hotbeds of bigotry and intolerance that dominate South Dakota”, said Hunk. The two, after a rough start, found their footing here in Seattle. Hunk legally changed his name to Hunk Cheung and Barbara also adopted the Cheung last name. When asked why he settled on the name Hunk Chueng, Hunk answered: “It’s always been my dream to be a hunk of a man. A man so masucline, so sexy, that when people see me, they say “Look at that hunk!”. So that is why I went with the first name, to name myself what I see myself as. And the last name Cheung is homage to my late friend from South Dakota, Ji Cheung, who passed away in a car accident. She was the only other transgender individual I knew in South Dakota, and wanted to carry on her name and spirit somehow.”

Hunk has not been assigned a program yet but we know that wherever he lands, his voice will be an asset for Public Radio Seattle. Hunk is very passionate about progressive politics and inclusivity.

Hunk is our first FTM transgender staff member and hopefully will not be the last. Please join us in welcoming Hunk to the family!