You want an impeachable offense for Trump? Here are three.

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s enshrined in our founding documents.

We keep hearing from the right as well as coward democrats that Trump hasn’t committed any impeachable offenses yet. They are full of it because frankly it’s not too difficult to find impeachable offenses that all parties can get behind. If congress had any backbone whatsoever, they would have impeached months ago and this national nightmare would be over. Instead, they ignore the impeachable offenses and continue to enable the worst president in American History(who would have thought this would be a sentence written on this blog 10 years ago during the last year of Bush?).


Trump has shown absolutely no respect for human life during his time in office. Since being sworn in, he has repeatedly tried to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Life is a guaranteed right for Americans, and with Trump trying to take away and destroy people’s health care, he is trying to take that right away. He also continues to worship the NRA and do absolutely nothing about children being slaughtered and mowed down like blades of grass in class rooms as well as Americans being gunned down at places like concerts. We have had mass shooting after mass shooting under Trump, and his response every time is to double/triple down on his support for gun ownership and the NRA. I guess even more blood has to be shed at the hands of guns and gun owners until anything is done about it. These are two examples that Trump doesn’t care at all about the lives of Americans.


Trump has also shown absolutely no respect for liberty during his time in office. The freedom of the press is one of our most sacred, enshrined rights here in America. Yet time and time again, Trump uses his various platforms to viciously attack the press in this country. This is something a genocidal fascist dictator would do(not saying Trump isn’t one). Every time a media outlet or figure dares tell the truth about Trump, out come the attack dogs unleashed via Trump. The press in this country has done nothing to deserve that but still get treated like garbage by Trump and his administration. Freedom of religion is also a cornerstone right in terms of liberty, and Trump has shown no respect for that either. Look at how he has treated Muslims, even before winning stealing the election. Since being sworn in, its been a non stop assault on the basic rights of Muslims, making them feel unwelcomed in this country with unconstitutional, racist policies like the travel ban. Two examples on how Trump doesn’t care at all about the liberty of Americans.


Lastly, Trump has shown absolutely no respect for people’s pursuit of happiness, and has done everything in his power instead to make their lives miserable. We have migrants from other countries here who have to live in constant fear because of Trump’s absolute hatred and disdain for people who weren’t born here. Strengthening ICE and border security and ordering mass deportations is the antithesis of the pursuit of happiness. People come here in pursuit of freedom, a better life, and happiness, and all Trump wants to do is build a wall to keep them out and then kick out everyone who is already here. Throw in Trump’s outright seething, burning hatred for anyone who isn’t a straight, rich, white, Christian, American Born male, and you have more people living lives of misery instead of happiness. Trump has ordered outright assaults and attacks on LGBTQIA+ individuals, minorities, the poor, women, and non-Christians that get cheerleaded by his rabid base of supporters. It’s kind of hard to pursue happiness when the leader of your country hates you simply because of who you are or how you were born, and his army of crazy supporters are right there to back him up and enforce the hate.

There you go. You want impeachable offenses? I just laid out 3 types of impeachable offenses Trump has committed. The sad part is that is just the tip of the iceberg. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to sit here and type up every single impeachable offense he has committed. My point is that Trump has committed dozens and dozens of impeachable offenses and the fact nothing has been done shows that congress are a bunch of spineless cowards that are enabling Trump’s destruction of this country with their inaction. Maybe we need to clean house and vote them all out in November and put butts in the seats of congress who will actually do something about it.