What the hell are you waiting on, Mueller?

I get it.

Mueller and his team need time to put together all the evidence to build an airtight, open and shut, bulletproof case against Trump and his minions.

I get it.

Mueller and his team need to pay attention to detail to make sure all their bases are covered in their case against Trump and his minions.

I get it.

But let’s be honest. How much more evidence does Mueller need? Even us, the general public, have mountains upon mountains of smoking gun evidence proving Trump and his administration were guilty of working directly with Russia to hack the election and steal the presidency. The evidence is clear as day and irrefutable. And that is just evidence that we the people have. That isn’t even counting the avalanche of evidence Mueller and his team have, as well as congress.

So what the hell are we waiting for? Mueller, drop the hammer, and congress, impeach his ass.

While I understand the need to be thorough and build an airtight, bulletproof case, we don’t have time for that. Every day that Trump continues to occupy the White House is a day where more terrible legislation is passed, a day where more beneficial legislation is not enacted, a day where racism, hatred and bigotry continue to be normalized, a day where we continue to embarrass ourselves to the world, a day where the climate and environment continues to be neglected, a day where Russia continues to gain leverage on us, a day where the rest of the world continues to pass us by, a day where the middle class and anyone not in the Top 1% continues to struggle.

We can not afford to let Trump spend another day in the White House. His administration must be cleared out, now.

Mueller, I like you. I commend you for the job you have done and the task you have at hand. I know the intricacies and attention to detail that is required for your duty. But do you not understand what is at stake here? Where is the sense of urgency? You already have more than enough smoking gun evidence you need to, at worst, send Trump and his lackeys away and behind bars for life, and at best, execute him for treason. What is the use of spending even more time on this?

Each day that passes by I become less and less confident that justice will be served. I become more and more worried that the special counsel has been compromised and will not deliver the much needed justice to Trump and his administration that needs to be dealt. Time and time again Trump has gotten away with crimes and misdeeds that no other citizen would get away with. We can’t rely on the media anymore either because they all have been compromised too. We can’t rely on congress because too many of them have pledged loyalty to Trump. Mueller may well be our last hope until November. And who is to say Russia, with the help of Trump and the treasonous framework already laid in 2016, won’t steal our 2018 elections as well? We can’t even rely on the mid term elections anymore.

In a just world, Trump would have been impeached and either imprisoned or executed months ago, because the evidence is overwhelming against him. We have too many cowards afraid to take on Trump. Where is the American Spirit? Our founders are spinning in their graves right now seeing Americans too afraid to take on an oppressive ruling force.

Please Mueller, act.