If you aren’t a rich, straight, white, cis, Christian American Born male, Republicans hate your guts.

For Republicans, you must meet 7 criteria in order for them to not hate you.

You must be:

  • Rich
  • Straight
  • White
  • Cis
  • Christian
  • Male
  • Born in America

Otherwise, Republicans hate your guts and despise you. They don’t just despise you. They don’t just hate you. They resent you with a deep rooted, seething, burning hatred that can not be quenched by any other means other than, at best, making your life as miserable as humanly possible, and, at worst, killing you. Republicans will stop at absolutely nothing to quench the hatred.

Here’s the catch. YOU MUST CHECK OFF ALL 7. If you don’t check off all 6, too damn bad. Republicans hate you. 5 of 7 won’t do. 6 of 7 won’t do.

Straight, White, Cis, Christian, American Born, Male, but not rich? Too damn bad. Republicans despise every inch of your being. Which is why I don’t get why the blue collar working class went for Trump and Republicans in 2016. When Trump and Republicans hate their ever loving guts for not being rich.

Rich, Straight, Cis, Christian, Male, American Born, but Hispanic? Uh oh. Republicans would love nothing more than to see you suffer.

Rich, Straight, Cis, Male, White, American Born, but Jewish? Republicans are disgusted by you.

Rich, Straight, White, Christian, Cis, American Born, but female? Republicans will not be satisfied until they see you in absolute misery.

I could go on and on.

In reality, Republicans would love nothing more than to see those who don’t check off all 7 boxes dead. However, they have to be realistic. They can’t just outright exterminate these people, so instead they pass legislation aimed at making them as miserable as possible in the short term, while slowly killing them in the long term.

I do not get why anyone who doesn’t check off all 7 boxes would ever vote for a Republican. You are basically voting for your own death warrant. Even if you check off all 7 boxes, I still don’t get it. Republicans have shown time and time again all they are capable of doing is running this country into the ground.

Fortunately, there are far more Americans who don’t check off all 7 boxes, than those who do. The “Non-7’s”, as I call them, need to all unite against Trump and the Republicans at the ballot box. We will easily overwhelm the alt-right and Trump supporters and take this country back.