Agnes C. Branscombe

Agnes Branscombe has been fighting bigots and homophobes for years on the front line, defending herself and her LGBT brethren from attacks on their sexuality and lifestyle.

Now, Agnes is excited to bring the fight to the bigots via the airwaves.

Agnes began hosting her wildly successful Public Radio Seattle program L4(which stands for Lesbian, Liberal, Leftist and Loud) in 2014 and has been a five star general in the war on bigotry and hate. As a lesbian herself, she understands first hand the importance of fighting bigotry and homophobia.

“In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to fight this fight, because everyone would be tolerant and accepting” said Branscombe. “But it’s a shame that even in 2017, my voice is still needed, even in a progressive city like Seattle”.

Her passionate, aggressive style has earned her praise and recognition from the LGBT community and several LGBT rights groups and activists. She holds no punches when it comes to LGBT issues. Not only is she a passionate defender of LGBT rights, but she is also a passionate defender of progressive causes as well.

“LGBT rights is just one small sliver of the overall pie. While LGBT rights are extremely important, there are so many other issues directly connected to them, so you have to fight and champion for them all. If you call yourself a true defender of LGBT rights, you have to fight for unapologetic progressive policies day in and day out” said Branscombe.

When Vermont became the first state in the union to legalize marriage equality, Branscombe and her partner of 8 years, Bertha, moved to Vermont in order to take advantage and they were wed in 2001 in a picturesque ceremony in the Vermont Mountains. Branscombe and her wife moved to Seattle in 2010. In 2014, Branscombe was leading a King County LGBT advocacy group when Public Radio Seattle president Frank Matthews-Lester discovered her fire and passion for equality. “Public Radio Seattle had been looking for that fiery female voice that was a passionate, no holds barred defender of equal rights for all. I only listened to Agnes talk for about 15 seconds before knowing she was the right woman for the job.”

When she is not championing equality or broadcasting, Agnes loves hanging out with her wife and their two daughters and experiencing all Seattle has to offer. Branscombe gave birth to a daughter, Slaytire, in 2009, and her wife Bertha gave birth to another daughter, Qualley, in 2012.

“I won’t give up until every citizen worldwide is tolerant and accepting of equal rights for all. So if that means me being behind the microphone until the day I die, so be it”. said Branscombe.