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In December 1994, Frank Matthews-Lester was frustrated. The Republican Party, led by lies and disinformation, had just retaken the House of Representatives. The main distrubitor of this propaganda? Conservative Talk Radio. The format dominated the AM airwaves nationwide, and allowed the masses to be brainwashed by lies aid deceit, leading to a change in power on Capitol Hill. Matthews-Lester understood that he had to do his part to fight the Conservative Talk Radio machine, and he decided to start Public Radio Seattle.

Public Radio Seattle quickly gained traction and was able to begin to fight back against the conservative format that even had gained popularity in places like Seattle. The tiny publicly funded non profit radio station was able to hold its own and build up a following to combat the right. 23 years later, Matthews-Lester realizes that Public Radio Seattle is as important as ever with the election of Donald Trump.

In the 23 years of Public Radio Seattle’s existence, ┬álisteners from across Puget Sound and beyond have tuned in to get the latest political news and commentary from the most progressive viewpoints around. Public Radio Seattle carries a diverse roster of hosting talent that cover all bases of the progressive spectrum.