Trump is utterly embarrassed on the global stage….. again.

World – Infinity.

Donald Trump – Zip.

That is what the scoreboard looks like right now. Time and time again, Donald Trump has been utterly embarrassed and humiliated on the global stage, and this time at the hands of North Korea. The United States has become a total laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the world. Let’s hope that there are no extra terrestrials out there who have the ability to listen in on our global affairs so the embarrassment remains quarantined to Earth.

North Korea and Kim Jong-Un performed the equivalent of giving Trump a giant wedgie, hanging him upside down on a flagpole, then dunking his head into a toilet and flushing it over and over before strapping him to a metal slide in the dead of summer and covering him with honey and fire ants. This isn’t just humiliation and embarrassment, its a complete and total dress down from head to toe.

It’s funny how Trump and his supporters were beating their chests and gloating about his peace making deals a few weeks ago. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. They even claimed Trump was a lock for the Nobel Peace Prize. Now? They all have egg on their face.

See, this is why electing politicians with experience matters. We could have had a seasoned, experienced, over qualified president with a deep and thorough resume on all matters including foreign policy. Instead, with the help of Russia, we got a president with no experience apart from ripping people off and bankrupting businesses. It’s no wonder Russia worked so hard to elect Trump – because of happenings like this. Happenings that embarrass the United States and make us look like a laughing stock. That projects weakness, which makes it easier for other nations to do what they want. But honestly, those countries deserve it. They deserve to take over America’s place in global standing. America is a land of racism, hate, bigotry and backward policies like no healthcare, a lack of human rights and no economic justice. European countries have earned the right to take over as the leaders.

The only thing we can hope for is that Mueller moves quickly so Trump can get impeached and we can get back on track to healing our image in the eyes of the planet. Let’s just hope Trump’s rampage of destruction comes to a halt until then. Unfortunately, it probably won’t.

2 thoughts on “Trump is utterly embarrassed on the global stage….. again.”

  1. This article didn’t age well. Full of bias and Trump hate rather than the reality of the situation. Mr. Schwake-Eulenberg obviously doesn’t understand global politics.


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