Public Radio Seattle Announces 2018-2019 Programming Schedule

By Frank Matthews-Lester

Public Radio Seattle continues to grow thanks to you. To celebrate our new programming schedule set to debut on May 29, we have also launched this blog as the digital home of Public Radio Seattle. This blog will feature articles, analysis, opinions, editorials and more from your favorite Public Radio Seattle hosts.

Monday – Friday

5a – 8a: Cafe Progress with Seth Travis Schweizenitz and Lethuel Kirkegard

8a – 10a: Mind Over Chatter with Seanathan Abernathy

10a – 12p: Atheism Unleashed with Grover R. Knoten

12p – 2p: I’m With Xir with Amalonda Fillimare

2p – 4p: LGBTQIA+ Radio with Travis Lester Sadczek

4p – 6p: The Professors Are In with Waldo Graham Schwake-Eulenberg and Roaro Kleibenschnott

6p – 8p: Leftward Ho! With Connor Jonathan Kitchens

8p – 10p: Sledgehammering the Right with Lonald Weiler-Sledge

10p – 12a: L4: Left, Liberal, Lesbian & Loud with Agnes C. Branscombe

12a – 5a: Midnight Blue with Yudelak Alondie, Jonathan Elwood-Sethson and Jake R. Weintraub


6a-10a: Cafe Progress Weekend with Blake Geoffrey Potsworth and Hiroshi Wessels

10a-1p: Cotswold McNamee Is Fed Up

1p-4p: The Rennis Rinke Experience

4p-8p: She-Man Right Wing Hater’s Club with Jesse Wamsutter

8p-12a: Radio Trans Mission with Sojourner Chloe Xiu

12a-5a: Midnight Blue Weekend with Isaac Engleberg and Walter Usiak

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